My life out loud.


So I know it’s 2011 already but I wasn’t feeling like writing anything reflective until now.  If you’ve ever read this blog you know I hardly ever write anything anyway.  I really do this to clear my own head but thanks for reading!

So 2010 is over.  For the first time in my life I sat there at 11:59 (pm) on Dec 31 and thought of how glad I was the year was over and was looking forward to 2011.  I enjoyed 2010 but it was more than we bargained for.  We knew full well what we were getting ourselves into twelve months ago when Steph and I both quit our jobs to pursue our dreams.  I also know that if you told us even in December of 2009 we’d be sitting where we are we would have told you how crazy you are.  Either way we’re sitting here in our tiny little room in my in-laws home with a bed, dresser and tv stand, fully content with our decisions.  We are not however, content with where we are at in the process of our dreams, but who is?

2010 was really hard because we’re not where we want to be but we’re both headed in the right direction as individuals and a couple.  It sucks but its cool.  God continues to give us little bits and pieces of HOPE that enable us to carry on.  I continue to HOPE for God’s faithfulness, and His hand to continue to open doors.  I know I should definitely PRAY waaaay more so hopefully I can be faithful to pray the way I want to pray.  No excuses, no laziness.

Despite what you might think I really am looking forward to 2011.  Do I think much will change in the next twelve months? No idea.

Do I want to be closer to our greater goals? Of course.

Here’s to God’s continued faithfulness and continued HOPE in 2011.



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